Fresh, Local & Chemical Free

Free from pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers & single use plastics. 

We believe in a better food system. One where healthy food promotes healthy people and a healthy planet. We believe in a food system that promotes biodiversity, reduces waste and stores carbon. Fresh, local food, free from chemicals, fertilisers, antibiotics and single use plastics.

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Farm Stall

"The Piggery"

OPEN SAT/SUN 10am-5pm

In our quirky, rustic barn we have a selection of homegrown Swainstown veg, flowers, 100% pasture fed lamb and a lovely selection of delicious local produce.

This is also the collection point for our Veg & Flower boxes. CLICK HERE to read more.


Where we are

Our Farm Shop "The Piggery" is open SATURDAY&SUNDAY



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